Germany has set a precedent for developed countries across the world, becoming the first G8 nation to achieve majority (a commendable 27.7%) of the country's power from renewable sources. Although it is great that this has become a much discussed topic among world leaders, especially after the recent UN Climate Change summit, we certainly need more countries willing to walk the talk!

What is even more noteworthy in my opinion, is the 60% clean-energy target the country hopes to achieve in less than a decade. In light of the country's much complained about exorbitant power prices and concerning dependence on Russian gas, this is definitely a game-changing achievement that could pull the nation back on a sustainable energy-trajectory.

Another interesting point the article makes is that considering Hydro-power is often not viewed as 'renewable' (on account of its negative impact on wildlife), the German 27.7% figure derives relatively higher allocation each from wind, biomass and solar. Canada, Brazil and Norway are other countries that produce most of their energy with clean electricity but with considerable dependence on Hydro.