This fascinating article on sustainable web design quantifies the costs of not greening your website.

The good news is that a leaner greener website is more efficient, which means your customers will be happier as well as the planet.

Green websites are faster

The longer a page takes to load into a browser, the more electricity it uses. Users get really frustrated by pages that take more than about two seconds to load - and those pages also use more electricity.

Web apps save emissions

However, the transfer of business processes to the internet is already reducing carbon emissions in other areas, such as reducing the need for business travel.

Even things like AirBnB, car-sharing websites, going paperless, automating manual processes, and preventing food waste by managing orders more effectively can reduce your carbon footprint.

Happy Customers, Happy Planet

Since a more efficient web site or application can make your customers happy as well as the planet, what's not to like?