Are you ready to give up on the petrol pump in favour of a plug? Will the cars parked outside our properties look very different in a matter of months? If Hammersmith & Fulham Council has its way, more local residents than ever before will be driving around in electric cars.

The local council has just launched three new on-street charging points in the borough for electric cars - one is located in Gayford Road, Shepherd's Bush. The announcement comes hot on the heels of suggestions that Britain could be on the brink of an electric car revolution. 

If Oliver Letwin - the Prime Minister's policy advisor - realises his vision, London would soon boast a road network free of petrol and diesel vehicles. Instead we will rely on electric cars, with a move over to automation in the future (driver-less cars). The idea promises fewer emissions, less traffic, less need for road building and a fall in accidents. 

In fact, the show of support for electric cars is gathering such pace that the Government is expected to reveal a new electric car strategy in the next two years, with the assurance of mass-produced vehicles to bring down the cost of ownership.

So if you're in Shepherd's Bush's Gayford Road, look out for cars parked up in the two bays, which are reserved for electric-only models.