We live in a world where people are rewarded for monstrocities against nature and punished for acts of humanity. Canadian Anita Krajnc, 48, faces 10 years in prison for giving water to pigs in a truck that was en route to the slaughter house. 

No - really. 10 years in prison for a crime of 'compassion'. 

Animal rights have been a passion of mine ever since I read Anna Sewell's heart-breaking classic, Black Beauty which triggered me self designating myself as the local animal-crusader as a kid and saving countless injured puppies, stray cats, motherless baby squirrels, two pigeons with broken wings, one very unwell owl and a crippled calf. 

So it is not without lack of understanding of Anita's 'brash act of kindness' that I attest to her innocence and complete lack of 'malintention'. To read more about the insanity see below!