Paris is in the media limelight for another reason this month - this time, its a reason to be celebrated. As the country wages a war against terror, it has also become a hub for climate action. Leaders from across the world have gathered in the French capital to opine, discuss and commit to redefining the dominant narrative from climate change to climate action. 

This article articulates 5 excellent reasons for all of us to remain positive about the future of our planet. In my opinion, the key rationale is detailed in point number two - 'a green economy makes financial sense'. Yes! The business case for climate action needs to be given precedence if we want to mobilize the capital required to back up all these opinion, discussions and commitments. There is no risk mitigating action that can be implemented if it remains a distant issue in everyone's mind that some future generation has to deal with. If there is a legitimate economic reason to deal with this now - such as the cost effectiveness of clean technologies - we stand a better chance for change. 

Read on to find out more about the other 4 reasons for world to believe it has a chance at tomorrow.