In a truly tragic state of underwater affairs, Japan has announced that is will resume whaling early next year, defying the international court of justice ruling. Top ridiculous statement made by Japanese officials in the history of crimes against wildlife is their tone of injustice at having their April 2013 whaling overhaul at a record low because of "unforgivable sabotage" by activists from environmental group Sea Shepherd.

Conservation groupSea Shepherd, which annually sent boats to disrupt the Japanese whaling fleet, warned any return to whaling by Japan would be illegal and has issued a call to action to UK and Australian governments . "Prime Minister Turnbull has a duty to ensure that the dire matter of Japan's whale poaching operations is at the top of the agenda when he visits Japan in December," said Sea Shepherd Australia managing director Jeff Hansen.

The way I see it, there is an interesting parallel in the rationale of the Japanese government: the way terrorists hide behind the mask of 'religion', poachers are hiding behind the pretext of 'science'. Australia won a case against Japan last year in the international court of justice. The court ruled that Japan’s “scientific” whaling programme was not scientific at all and ordered Tokyo to recall its fleet.

Here's hoping that Sea Shepherd and its allies can rally enough forces to stop Japan once again.