Buksh Energy’s Lighting a Million Lives initiative is ensuring a brighter future for the nation by tackling energy poverty in Pakistan, a nation that is in the midst of an energy crisis with 63% of the population in off grid areas. By providing low-income families with access to clean and affordable energy, Buksh Energy is stabilizing society and strengthening their economic capacity to reap a ‘green peace dividend’. This reduces the nation’s security risk by improving the country’s energy independence, strengthening domestic stability through citizen involvement and using green technologies to mitigate security threats of climate change and resource scarcity – a increasing cause of conflict in the world.

As a pioneer of the clean energy movement, Buksh Energy has already impacted over 1000 lives – majority of whom are women and children – enabling Pakistan to transition to a sustainable, low-emission economy that will reduce poverty, trigger economic dynamism and catalyze the long-term peacebuilding process.