Councillors in Lanchashire are currently considering applications to allow fracking at a second site in Lancashire. Fracking is the controversial means of extracting shale gas from by fracturing the rocks.

Last week, the Council rejected permission to frack on a site in Rosewood in Lancashire. Energy firm Cuadrilla also wish to commence fracking at Little Plumpton, Lancashire but the local community are opposed to it. Cuadrilla received a great deal of bad press after last summer's attempts by it to carry out fracking in Balcombe, West Sussex.

It's not clear from this report whether Cuadrilla has all the necessary consents required for the Lancashire fracking, which would include (1) Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (2) Well consent licence (3) planning permission and (4) consent from landowners controlling the site. It's often number (4) which becomes the most difficult consent to obtain, particularly if a property owner controls vehicular access to the site.