A scientific model has given the world a critical warming - society will collapse in less than three decades due to catastrophic food shortages if we continue on our current trajectory. Sustainability, in my opinion, is all about following an S shaped curve that gradually allows the ecosystem to rejuvenate itself as opposed to a J shaped curve with a rapid rise in demand and then a crashing fall. The fact is that we demand driven world where negative externalities are not priced (think about the peanut butter you put on your toast this morning made from palm oil - a prime cause of rapid deforestation across the world).

The report said: "The global food system is under chronic pressure to meet an ever-rising demand, and its vulnerability to acute disruptions is compounded by factors such as climate change, water stress, ongoing globalisation and heightening political instability."

There is a solution - the emerging paradigm of Impact Investing can revolutionize the way think about sustainable agriculture, funding projects that balance financial sustainability and social impact. The estimate size of the Impact Investing industry was already at $46 billion in 2014 and is estimated to double over the next five years. This is a fantastic way to mobilize private capital to solve development challenges in the agriculture space. Here is an example of a Social Enterprise that is a prime example of how we can resolve the issue and get back on an S-Shaped Sustainable Trajectory - http://impactquarterly.asiaiix.com/scaling-impact-the-shujog-way/

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