It's rare we hear good news about the environment. But, while the rest of us have been squabbling over carbon emissions and climate change, Brazil has been quietly putting ideas into action. Deforestation has dropped by 75% in the last 20 years, and it is due not to one single solution, but continued campaign by Brazilian and politicians, international organisations such as Greenpeace and most of all, by the people on the ground. Moratoriums on produce such as beef and soya bean from illegally cleared land may have been the biggest driving factor, but underlying regulatory change has also been important. And by reducing deforestation, Brazil has maintained a huge carbon sink that can ameliorate carbon emissions and climate change.

The rest of the World can learn a thing or two from Brazil's recent successes in slowing deforestation. But they are not in the clear yet, and the upkeep of land registries and moratoriums is key if they are to keep to their newly turned leaf.