Now that spring has sprung, why not enjoy the season in bloom from an elevated vantage point, from a green roof? Green rooftops cover buildings with vegetation, grasses, flowers, water features, and sometimes even animals like the high-rise flamingos residing 100 metres above Kensington High Street. Green rooves also absorb rainwater, provide insulation, bring city regeneration, and create a habitat for wildlife including for the bee, an insect with tremendous ecosystem services benefits.

Vertical gardening, urban gardening, and rooftop gardens have long been applauded by environmentalists for their improvements to local air quality and their role in lowering localised temperature due to the heat island effect.

But now many rooftop gardens are blooming as art for art’s sake. From the split-level gardens on Japanese and Singaporean skyscrapers, to Chicago’s City Hall promoting the sustainable practice, to an planned ‘wonder forest’ above Beirut’s concrete and steel. One of the prettiest on the list is in London - where flamingos are frolicking 100 metres above Kensington. I did a little search and I see that these unique and spectacular gardens are free and open to the public. Roof-top terrace parties and garden parties can take a whole new meaning now.