A new green dawn is rising in UK politics: the surge of the Green Party. In one single week of January 2015 13,274 people joined the Green Party of England and Wales. More than 13,000 joining the Greens in one week!

In a political scene dominated for generations by two largely similar political parties - Conservative and Labour - I am really excited to finally witness a rise of green issues in politics. I am excited to see new life being breathed into a rather staid parliament and also a shake up of widespread apathy to voting, with only the limiting choice between Conservative or Labour.

The Greens have overtaken the Liberal Democrat Party for the first time in a decade. More importantly - for a progressive, equitable, and tolerant British future - the Greens have now surpassed UKIP in membership number. Any political party overtaking UKIP is very important in terms of media coverage and presence on TV and radio debates. Less from Nigel Farage and co. and more long-termist, sustainable and equitable political planning.

The Greens campaign for social equity, with one strong policy being a £10 national minimum wage across the UK. The Green Party also champion female rights and more egalitarian opportunities for traditional minority groups.

This May’s General Election just got a lot more promising for me, and a lot more promising for alternative economics and green growth.