The UK is leading the way for countries to calculate their green growth. A UK Government tool – the Global Calculator - measures the impact that various policies and lifestyle changes have on the climate.

The UK’s Global Calculator is free online device that shows the link between our lifestyles, the energy we use, and the consequences for the climate. This simple interactive tool explores what a low-carbon world could look like in 2050.

This emissions calculator shows that green growth is possible. If we act now, we can prevent dangerous climate change and ensure people's living standards continue to improve - yes, we can!

To tackle climate change, we must transform the technologies and fuels we use, and make smarter use of our limited land resources. Knowing how much carbon is being saved is helpful to meet emissions targets and also for investment strategies.

This week Vietnam launched its national climate calculator that follows the UK’s. China also uses a version of the UK-invented calculator to develop its economic and energy plan. And South Africa is putting theirs on school curricula.

It is encouraging to see the UK leading the way in mitigating climate change. In climate negotiations the UK often plays a significant role in reaching global agreements and has proved to be a successful and key interlocutor in climate diplomacy. UK Government initiatives like the Global Calculator measuring tool can help the world achieve emissions targets and set humanity on a low-carbon growth path. Green growth is possible.