Finally, the reality that fossil fuels are finite has actually been acknowledged by a political figure who really matters: the President of the United States. Barack Obama’s admission that fossil fuels should really stay in the ground is hugely welcomed after the recent G-20 meeting where hosts Australia defied worldwide pressure to include climate change on the agenda – fossil fools!

The G-20 was hosted by climate skeptic Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott where necessary discussions on curbing emissions were curbed. Outside the debating chambers Obama and U.K.’s premier, Cameron, publicly rebuked Canberra for its stance on the need for significant action. Obama called on young Australians to “raise their voices” on the issue and warned of the effects of extreme weather events in Australia during a speech to university students. “No nation is immune, and every nation has a responsibility to do its part,” he said.

All this encouraging environmental support is greatly bolstered by Obama’s and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s monumental agreement to reduce and cap emissions.

Let’s hope this supportive turn for environmental advocacy remains in Lima next week at the COP climate negotiations, and that more government support is offered to enable weaning off finite fossil fuel reserves. We could be on entering the renewable energy age.