I must say, I was happy to read this article and see that this isn't turning out to be (at least not yet) a messy court room battle where the accusations of who caused climate change are hurled left, right and center (the judge too?). Many developing nations are most feasible to the impacts of climate change but that does not mean they can easily get the pity card from the West as they often are the largest contributors to CO2 emissions currently. But for whose expense? Their economic growth has a large role to play but much of the industrial emissions stem from exported goods to the West. So who is to pay and blame? Who cares! We have all reaped, and for a lack of better word, raped the Earth's resources in one way or another either during the industrial revolution, or through deforestation and mining, or currently though large-scale economic growth, and the truth is we are ALL going to pay for it with serious consequences. I could go on and on for both sides of the argument and I am sure the lawyers will as well , but having a global fund to help those most economically at risk is a step forward. Maybe the fund should be for those legal expenses!