With the death of the last white rhino considered young enough to mate, the world is down to only 6 white rhinos as of October 21 2014. Not only does this threaten sub-species extinction, but Ol Pejeta rightly describes the northern white’s decline as “a sorry testament to the greed of the human race."

So what is the world doing about it?

I like to think that in the rapidly evolving field of social finance, there are organizations who will find innovative ways to fund and catalyse conservation projects. For instance - the Zoological Society of London is working with Social Finance, the United Nations Development Programme and the United for Wildlife partners to create an impact bond focused on securing the long-term future of rhinos globally. To learn more about the mechanics of this brilliant initiative visit http://bit.ly/1wjLenf and read more about the last of the white rhinos below.