Even though there are so many recycling programs in place, throwing out used plastic pop bottles is still a huge problem worldwide. Our landfills are getting filled with these plastic containers that could easily be recycled, or even reused. With Coca-Cola's innovative 2ndLives program, they're looking to change this. They've introduced 16 different bottle caps that can transform used pop bottles into something useful and fun.

Sceptics would argue this is just another branding initiative targeted to increase sales of their plastic bottles. In my opinion, we need to embrace more circular economy initiatives and shift the paradigm away from the traditional 'take-make-dispose' model. Circular economy promotes a 'cradle to cradle' flow of resources instead. The fact that corporates are recognising the reputational risk that is attached to the environmental externalities their products create and are looking for solutions to minimize their impact is something to be celebrated. Whether the underlying intention is building brand-equity or not is an entirely different debate.