A modelling project undertaken at the University of Oxford has shown that doubling the number of hedgerows increases the distance that hedgehogs travel through the landscape. Landscape permeability is important for hedgehogs as they are often associated with rural settlements and need to traverse open farmland to move between villages in order to seek out mates and food. Additionally, hedgerows act as vital cover from badgers, which are a predation threat in rural areas and also provide nesting sites. The paper suggests that hedgerow availability can be increased either by planting new hedgerows or repairing existing hedgerows, which could be facilitated through agri-environment schemes.

Journal Ref:

Hugging the hedges: Might agri-environment manipulations affect landscape permeability for hedgehogs?
By: Moorhouse, Tom P.; Palmer, Stephen C. F.; Travis, Justin M. J.; et al.
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION Volume: 176 Pages: 109-116 Published: AUG 2014