Globalisation is not a term saved solely for anthropomorphic purposes. The movement of people across geographic and political boundaries generally finds a whole army of different hitch-hikers coming with it. From tiny crustaceans in ballast water, to beautiful birds released from cages. From introductions of amphibians to suppress insect pests, all the way to seeds hitching a ride on the socks of hikers, many species are expanding their ranges across the globe with a little help from humans.

These species are able to adapt and quickly make the most of their new ecosystems. Often this means complete annihilation of native species; the simplification of diverse communities into dense monocultures of invasive species. While we can fight back against these species with technology and obstinacy - sometimes it pays to play it simple, by picking up the ol' fork and knife. By eating invasive species, we can knock back detrimental populations, and enjoy a solid feed. Anyone for a Japanese Knotweed + Grey Squirrel stew?